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Why You Should Take Your Kids to a Boarding School

Most parents face the dilemma of choosing between a day school and a boarding school. While each option has its pros and cons, boarding schools tend to be more beneficial.

Here are the top reasons why you should enrol your kid in a boarding school.

Smaller Classes

Unlike day schools, boarding schools for not have many students per class. This means that the teacher can attend to the needs of each scholar, which makes the learning process effective. Also, learners cannot be passengers since the teacher can engage them actively.


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Big chain stores and new technology

The truth is that brick and mortar stores really need to work hard in order to compete with one another. These big chain stores are using technology in various ways in order to up their game. Technology is being used in order to provide customers with excellent in-store experiences.

There are many examples of these....

Have you heard of Nike's Speed shop? We thought not, neither had we. So to set the record straight this speed store is a flagship store, which is situated in New York.


Technology advances in the work place

The majority of work places around the world have been impacted by the advancement of technology. Work places that are not keeping up with the trends are usually the first to lose good people.

One of the ways technology has changed the workforce is by remote working becoming normal. Software systems such as Slack and Google Docs have made it very simple for employees to be able to communicate. 


The latest and greatest iPhones

IPhones are coming out with the latest and greatest technological advances. In this year we are guaranteed to see some new Apple devices.

The 5G compatibility feature is going to take all iPhones to the next level. The faster networks are going to be a dream comes true for all iPhone fans.

Probably the most exciting thing happening this year is the release of the iPhone 12. There are amazing things in store for the iPhone 12 from what we have been able to fish out.


The rise of mobile apps

The rise of mobile apps is still happening. Mobile apps are still on the ride. Applications on mobile phones have actually been part of all smartphones for years. If you want to know what the fastest growing part of the mobile industry is, you guessed it as it mobile apps.

Music apps


What’s new in the digital world?

The question shouldn't be what’s new in the digital world but rather what’s not new in the digital world? There are massive things happening in the digital world.

If you are alive today reading this, then you will be a part of the new digital revolution. The digital world as we know it is forever changing. Last year the changes were tremendous and this year is going to be no exception to that rule.

Let’s take a look at some of the new things that we can expect to happen in the digital world.




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Describing the best international school in Bangkok in a nutshell

 ​ASB, or the American School of Bangkok can be described as the best international school in Bangkok. Offering unique and specialised education to pre-kindergarten to grade 12 students, it has as its foundation the International Baccalaureate based American curriculum. There is a wide and compact array of academic subjects so each child can follow his career-passion, whether it will be in the fields of science, medicine, the arts, and marketing.