Local Directory Listing Service! Really?

A customer found this and sent this to us. It says they did a stady and ranked Localsitesubmit.com #1 for best local directory submission service. 

I am biased, but I do strive to make this the best service available. Really this service is built for the agency’s that are servicing local businesses. So, you cant fool them. You cant build some BS product that doesn’t work. You know these consultants and marketing companies know what to expect. They knwo what works and what doesn’t. And we have received so much feedback on how to improve the service that we have tweaked the system to accommodate their needs. This is built by Local SEO’s for local SEO’s.

We are striving to provide the secret weapon to local search rankings. We are testing new methods and coming up with new ideas to help push Google Places positioning. So, Top 10 reviews go this right I think. We are #1. And if we are doing something wrong we will fix it. Our staff is dedicated to helping our clients.

Our new online dashboard is a tribute to the needs of our clients. Our programmers our very proud of the work. We hope this makes your job easier and those that submit using local site submit encounter great online success.

Thanks and here is to opening a bottle of Miller Lite and celebrating a #1 review on some random website.