Yes, We are actually pretty good at what we do

I often get asked, how do I know we are getting our moneys worth. And with SEO its sometimes hard to give real reports each month. The only thing you can really show a client is the results in the search engines.

We often talk about market domination. While we can get many of the top 10 results on page 1 of google we tend to focus on getting exposure for mutiple keywords rather than just one keyword. However, this is the part where I want to toot my own horn.

Our client – Visage Medical Spa has about 5 spots on page 1 (used to be more but  a few have dropped to page 2). This is an example of leveraging multiple web properties to get more exposure for our clients.

This is just one example of what we do. These days we still focus on Google Places optimization but are really excited about our Local Megasite program. This is pretty sly SEO per city. I dont want to get into too much detail here on the blog, but bascially if you serve mutiple cities and want to rank page 1 for hundreds of keywords per city then lets talk.

Also, If you are business and are interested in a joint venture give us a call. If you want performance based SEO and want to share some of your profits with us then lets talk. We are motivated by those that are forward thinkers and want to be huge. Call us (949) 945-3005